If you've read my previous posts, you are beginning to get an idea of what, and who, I find sexy. Today, I was curious about what some of my fellow erotica writers find sexy, so I invited them to visit my blog and participate in a little fun. I'm curious to see if you, my sweeties, can determine who they think the most sexy famous person is, given an anonymous biography, an excerpt of their work, and their brief description of why they chose who they did.
     Below you'll find 7 slide shows, one for each mystery author and famous hot muse.
     Let's see if you can guess the author, their book and their chosen sexpot before the reveal! (Yes, I've set each slide show up to reveal all three answers). Enjoy!

Slide Show #1

Slide Show #2

Slide Show #3

Slide Show #4

Slide Show #5

Slide Show #6

Slide Show #7

Here's hoping you found a new book, story or author to slurp up! Click HERE, to get links to each author and the available books!



04/08/2013 4:13pm

This was a real treat, Sinead. It must have taken you forever to put it together! I just realized what a complete dork I am...everyone else has these hot young babes...and I pick Eck! I don't care. He's got the greatest sense of humor and I'm an athlete kind of girl - even old (er than me) ones!! Thanks for this. I loved it!!

04/26/2013 1:28pm

It did take a while. Candi owes me big-time now. lol. Perhaps I'll make her get cracking on that sequel? Glad you enjoyed the show. :D


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