Well, that's really a matter of personal preference, isn't it? What I find sexy, might turn you off in a blink. In fact, some of the things I find sexy, you might think are disgusting, shocking, perplexing, or even boring. All the same, I'm going to fill this blog with the things I think are sexy, and some of the things that turn me off, too, and I'll explain why I feel the way I do about them.
  It's all opinion, of course, and I'd love to hear yours. Please leave a comment with your thoughts. I only ask that you respect other's comments and opinions. An opinion cannot be wrong. Only facts can be wrong or right.

   Let's get this sexiness started, shall we? lol
David Bowie. Now, that is one sexy 65 year-old man.
It's all in the eyes.

I don't know if you've ever experienced the phenomenon I refer to as ocular sex, but this man has some serious skills in the field. I can flip through a thousand pictures of Bowie, and in eighty per cent of those where he's looking directly at the camera, his stare says, "I'm going to do things to you that'll give you wet dreams in your next three lives."

Don't believe me? Check this out...

Now how many men exist who could make you wet, just by looking at you?
Not bad for a lad who was embarrassed about his eyes for years. Due to an unfortunate incident, fighting with a friend over a girl in his teens, Bowie suffered damage to his left eye, which prevents the pupil from dialating or contracting. It leaves him with mismatched eyes. Some would call this an imperfection, or an imbalance. I think it's as sexy as hell!

Now add the voice ...
From deep and smoky, to silky smooth, there's no mistaking it. It makes me think of slightly calloused hands skimming over my body, sometimes gently abrasive. I feel the tension of passion restrained, resisting the urge to grasp and nibble. Putting aside the brilliant lyrics he writes, and the accompanying music, his voice is, in itself, erotic. Bowie also plays several instruments, including the so-sensual saxaphone, electric guitar, keyboards and cello. I'd imagine he has magnificent hands.

Now add intelligence and humour ...
There's a relaxed confidence about Bowie, not arrogance, but the sense that the man's life has been a colorful journey to a solid destination. He has achieved a level of self-awareness and acceptance of himself that many strive for, and few achieve. It's one of the things I find so sexy in some older men.

I have to tell you, though, I don't think David Bowie has ever been hotter than he was as Jareth ...
*slurp* You can try to tell me that isn't one of the sexiest things to ever make a movie, but I won't believe you.

I'll continue to bring you sexy people, music and images in the future. Until then, sweeties ...
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